August 9, 2015

Join me at the Junk Refunk Street Market!

{ Junk Refunk Street Market }
Hey all!  I'm pretty excited about this!  My mom and I will be vending at the  

Junk Refunk Street Market
in Canby, Oregon
Saturday - August 22nd

If you live in the greater Portland area, I would love to see you!

 While I'm not sure yet if I'll be bringing my soaps to the show, I know, sorry!!  It's just too hot and sticky to sell them outdoors in the summer...  I am excited to get a chance to dabble in so many other things I love.  Visit me, and find some of my favorite home & garden pieces that I've been hanging onto for just the perfect show, and this is it!!

If you love all things shabby chic, rustic, old, painted, distressed, worn, and torn...
this is the show for you too!

Stop by for Music, Crafts, Food & Fun.
Learn to paint your own unique piece, and so much more!

the Junk Refunk Street Market is presented by
Cheryl Frampton & her son Lee Frampton
of the Big White Goose in Canby, Oregon. 

Hope to see you there!

July 27, 2015

hey punkin'!

Over the weekend we had a bit of a break in the weather and it made me start thinking and dreaming of all things fall.  I know, I know, technically it is still July, but when August hits for me, I am all over fall things, and dreaming of the seasons and scents and holidays to come.  I do love summer, don't get me wrong.  Summer is the season of growing things!  But I have to say my favorites are spring and fall. 

All things aside, this year my new thing I'm trying in the garden, is to grow a pumpkins!  We have a small yard and my 'garden' or so I call it, is mostly containers... so I'm not really letting my vines grow to and fro like most would do.  I've been trimming them back and just letting a couple do their thing.  One thing I had to figure out (thanks hubby) was that I needed to pollinate the pumpkins by hand because they just weren't growing.  Once I learned how to do that, I had a couple babies, and I am so excited to see how big these things get before Halloween.  I've read that you need to carefully rotate pumpkins as they grow (so they keep an even shape) so I've turned this little lady once already.  She's about the size of a softball.  I wonder if I should give her a name.

Also exciting in my garden right now, is that my freesias have started to bloom.  My mom dug up her garden and made some changes to her beds last fall, so she gave away a bunch of bulbs and I ended up with these.  The color was a surprise, and I was so excited when they bloomed this gorgeous orange.  We have orange day lilies as well, and I've always loved the way they look up against our blue house.

Such is the joy of gardening with bulbs.  Just as one thing begins to fade away, another blooms and puts on a display and show of it's own.
Somehow this year, I think I've grown more connected to all the seasons in a way.  I'm starting really to connect with, and appreciate the life cycle we go through from year to year, season to season.  There is beauty in all things.  And just because one something has died or come to an end, doesn't mean another something isn't ready to start growing, or giving.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, what are your plans for August?  We have one month of summer fun left!  :)


July 15, 2015

Oh Happy Day!

I've never really considered myself a gardener in the true sense of the word.  I can't say I've had a vegetable garden, ever.  Sure from year to year I've tried to grow a few things, and I'm sure you'll hear more about them as the summer months go on, but the truth be told, I am really only here for one thing.  And that's to grow flowers.

I'm a big fan of bulbs, because we live in a climate that, I don't have to dig my bulbs up before winter.  I'm grateful for that, however I've discovered a little trick, and that's simply to plant bulbs in pots, so that if you do need to move them for whatever reason, be it winter, or landscaping changes, or pesky squirrels... it's as simple as moving the pot they are in... and I have a lot of pots.  Let me tell you.  Some women can't pass up a good deal on a new pair of shoes, for me it's a flower pot.  All shapes and sizes, some of them don't even have anything in them, because well I just have more flower pots than I know what to do with.

Getting back to my point though... one of my great loves of summer, is the beauty it brings in the form of flowers.  Next to spring and watching all those bulbs come up each year, having a cutting garden full of flowers is my absolute favorite thing about summer.

Both of these little beauties have held up to the heat really well this year.   They are both growing in full sun, and seem to be drought tolerant.  The pinky-purple flowers are called Homestead Purple Verbena, they are a darling ground cover plant with tiny blooms.  I love cutting little stems for medicine bottles, and these are perfect for that.  The daisy like flowers are called Gazanias.  They are a shorter stem than a daisy (about 6 inches tall), and come in a beautiful array of colors from yellow, to orange, to reds and purples...  These are great in pots and seem to keep flowering from spring to fall.  I have these in other colors, so I'm sure you'll be seeing more of them soon!

What are your favorite things about summer?  Do you have a favorite flower you love to grow?